Bourton is a new typeface by Kimmy Design. It’s the sans-serif cousin to Buford (link). In addition to a new look, it boasts more layering options, stylistic alternatives, graphic extras and even comes with it’s own script font!
$0.00 here's everything you get with Bourton!


Bourton Layering Fonts

•  6 Base Layer Fonts (Base, Inline, Marquee, Stripes A, Stripes B, Stripes C)

•  6 Top Layer Fonts (Base Drop, Dots, Line Light, Outline Light, Outline Medium, Outline Bold)

•  6 Extrude Fonts (Extrude, Outline, Shade A, Shade B, Shade C, Shadow)

•  5 Drop Shadow Fonts + 5 solo styles (Drop Shadow, Drop Extrude, Drop Line, Drop Stripes A, Drop Stripes B)

•  2 Line Fonts for secondary text (Line Medium, Line Bold)


Bourton Script

•  Light

•  Bold


Bourton Extras

Ornaments, banners, frames, borders, flags and line break (OTF, EPS, AI with User Guide for OTS)

Flourishes (OTF, EPS, AI with User Guide for OTS).


Happy Creating!