Bourton Text is a modern sans-serif typeface family perfect for both text type settings and display purposes. While it’s not a layering type family like its sibling, Bourton, it comes brimming with features, extras and over 2,000 characters that make it stand on its own.



Bourton Text is a new take of the Bourton family that was one of the best-selling and customer favorite fonts of 2016. After countless requests for lowercase alphabet, or suggestions for a font pairing with Bourton, this text setting family was created based on the original shapes of Bourton.



In taking Bourton Base as the starting point, it became the narrowest width and boldest weight. Lowercase shapes were made to match the aesthetic and details of the popular capitals. As Bourton was a heavy display font, some small tweaks were done to make it more fitting for smaller text settings, including reducing the letter-spacing and reworking some counters. Some areas needed complete reconstruction, such as the figures. These shapes needed to begin anew with a style that worked with the capitals and lowercase but also as a standalone set. Currency shapes were updated to match the numerals. Punctuation was also reimagined to work better in smaller type settings. Diacritics and extended language support was also updated and expanded to include a full Latin plus language support for 219 languages spoken in 212 countries.


Once the basic alphabet for Bourton Text Bold Narrow was formed, the font was expanded in both weight and width. Taking the weight from Bold down to Hairline, it allowed for more range in use. The typeface needed to be expanded in order to reach better as a book weight and width, but was taken a step further with a wide setting as well.



Once the extremes were set in place, small capital forms were designed. These also allow for for text purposes but also display settings as well, with nested capital letters, lifted small caps and other display features offered in the typeface.


One of the most popular fonts in the Bourton layering font family is Bourton Line. Experimentation with creating completely rounded terminals and a complete set of duplicated characters was created. By using the Opentype Panel, a rounded font is a single click away. 


Every feature has been carefully thought out and updated across the entire font. In total, Bourton boasts over 2,300 glyphs, 42 font files with 3 widths and 7 weights in upright and italic.





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Bourton Hand

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