Hello there! I'm Kimmy Kirkwood, a wandering designer who loves to create and sell digital and printed materials. To really get to understand my business, I’ll need to start by telling you three important things about me...

  • 1. I’m a hopelessly awkward introvert

    Instead of the loud and fast paced agency setting that can be exhausting and debilitating for an introvert, I have found my happy place to be working in various cafes or at home with my pup / office partner, Otis. 

  • 2. My goal is to wander the world

    We live in an incredible planet, and I intend on seeing all of it, by path, road, sea and air. Other than a mental sabbatical, traveling allows me to experience the world of type that lives outside my computer or phone. I haven’t been everywhere yet, but it’s on my list!

  • 3. I freakin’ LOVE type

    I’ve loved letterforms ever since I could hold a marker. In school I spent as much time filling in the margins of my notebook with lettering doodles as I did actually taking notes.

    Those three attributes are my foundation as a type designer. I get inspiration for new typefaces from my endless wandering – either across the ocean or down to the local coffee shop – and then come back home to work tirelessly creating high quality unique fonts that offer more than just a typical set of characters. I love to see what customers do with my typefaces, so I try to give them all the tools they could ask for to truly make it their own. By integrating opentype into nearly all of my fonts, I offer multiple alternatives, swashes, specialized ligatures and a set of ornaments to accompany each font family. What gives me the most joy is to see all the creative ways different brands and people use my fonts out in the world.